We had “our close up”…..

Pictures have finally been done….its been a long time coming…. not unlike with myself it took a lot longer to get picture ready than I thought it would !

Its a crazy process of cleaning, while in the midst of moving and removing furniture and updating and upgrading various places in the house, not to mention the realization that my dogs really do shed 24 hours, 365 days …. and the inevitable craziness of mother nature! (60 mph winds with 80 mph wind gusts…) Seriously?!!

For me, this was nerve wracking! I’m basically an introvert…. so having someone come into my house and take pictures and remove all traces of me personally is akin to being judged….ack!! It was kinda like being back in highschool… (again ack!) I was a tall ( really tall !! )  gangly, mouth full of braces girl who was most often referred to as a “rich bitch” … and while I was brought up in a comfortable home and indulged… I think it was my shyness about letting people in, that made others think that I felt “i was better…”… but really I just couldn’t let anyone in… and the same holds true with my house…. This is a huge art project of sorts and so I know that just like art, not everyone will like what they see…. But like anybody who creates something… you want that acceptance and the praise that what you have accomplished is good….                                                                     stressful! ack!!

Then comes the money part…”Worth”…. Is it worth the money? Well…. I get market ups and downs…( sort of …ha!) I get that this is a unique piece of property here in Southern California… But this is also my retirement and my 401k…. So, yes its worth a lot to me!! I’m not in a huge rush to quick sell for whatever just to sell…. this is an unsettling  attitude to many…. I’m starting my life over, so this house is also my parachute to help me with a soft landing to the next step…

I’m now trying to gear myself up to have people wander through the house while I load up the dogs and we ‘toodle’ around the neighborhood! Of course first the dog toys will be stuffed into closets, dog beds hid behind the couches, wine glasses washed and put away!!  But i’m glad we’ve finally gotten to this point, I think…hopefully I’ll have more time to attend to my friends and family who I’ve neglected horribly !!

But here I am …still Moving this 50 yr. plus life forward!!

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