Dear 12101,

well its time for me to tell you goodbye… First you should know that you saved me. I know it must seem like I saved you that day I walked In and you looked like a magazine layout….in my head!

You met all the criteria, Big, Level headed, supportive, solid with soft spots and faults. But I gotta admit I could have done without the cigarette butts and rat poo…. and well… that flesh colored carpet….good grief!! I knew I could love you better!

you weathered every storm the best you could… remember when I first moved in and slept on the family room floor on a mattress ? Ha! I’m sure you thought another crazy person had moved in… and i’m pretty sure its still debatable on certain days.!

As I figured out the whole “having a house” thing … There was the fire… you stood strong as all the trees and neighborhood houses succumbed to the flames… we lost most of your yard…but we built a better fence… a block wall! and my love affair with the yard began! And then, El nino… holy smokes!! we found the leaks in your roof!! And I found out that if you sit in a pool of water as more water comes in, and you cry… it doesn’t solve a thing…and if you put big plastic storage bins under the deluge of leaks… you can’t move them when they are full and you have to pour them out on the floor…. there is a serious life lesson there…smile!

You have been a deciding factor in my character…. I spent the first 6 years crying myself to sleep..The work you required was totally out of my wheel house and I quickly learned that contractors are a scary bunch…so I decided to learn about tools…..with each trip to home depot… and tile row, I got stronger! I was buying tile  when Ken called to tell me he was taking his mistress to Cabo… and I still had the presence of mind to order extra tile in case of breakage…! odd…I of course sat in the parking lot and cried for 2 hours straight..

I have muddled , chopped , sawed , glued, and nailed my way through this haven. Yes it has been a lot of money! and crying!!! Lord the crying!! But I think I’ve come through this whole and so have you!! I am forever grateful for this opportunity in my life… I am physically and emotionally stronger than I ever imagined! But its time for me to move on … to the next project! And for 12101 to be loved by a family that will use all the rooms, the pool and the huge backyard.

love Meg


Ps. there will be more crying when I leave for good!!



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